Walk LA With Me (Feature Doc In Post-Production)


In my 10th and last year living in Los Angeles, I set out to walk the whole of the city. I pushed a baby-stroller with a video camera attached to the end of it, facing inward. When people approached me, I invited them to walk with me whilst, with their permission, I filmed our conversations. The idea was to have no agenda for what we would speak about, though our conversations quickly became intimate, personal and quite moving. 

I uploaded the videos to a blog and the project went viral, receiving extensive press both locally and internationally, and across all media (including an NBC TV news feature and an LA Times feature article).

I was also awarded a certificate from the City of Los Angeles in celebration of Walk LA With Me (by Eric Garcetti,the new LA mayor). And I received dozens of unsolicited personal emails from people, remarking upon how much the project meant to them, and how they had been affected by it.

In all, I walked for nearly a year, for the first month I didn’t go home, for three months I walked everyday. I walked and spoke with all types of people and this momentary intimacy with my fellow LA residents (who would normally have been strangers) became the heart of the experience. 

I am currently in post-production for Walk LA With Me as an independent feature documentary. The film is a portrait of Los Angeles largely built upon the conversations I had, but also a wider portrait of how we live in our metropolises and our (frequent, yet futile) desire to escape.